Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book Review - Lie Down In Green Pasures by Debbie Viguie


Back to the Nook for an awesome read. I actually downloaded "Lie Down In Green Pastures" with my Kindle app and my Nook. It was available free via Kindle first, and I was honestly really excited to get another book in this series. Of course I hadn't read even the first book in the series at the time, but because I had read other books by Debbie Viguie, I was more than sure I would enjoy this series. The opportunity to get several books in a series on Kindle or Nook for free was hard to pass up. 

ABOUT THE BOOK (From Goodreads):   
St. Patrick's Day brings a new murder mystery for the crime-solving duo of Cindy, a church secretary, and Jeremiah, a Reformed rabbi. Can they rush to save hundreds of teens and the man she's grown to care for before it's too late?

I was fortunate to get to read these books in order.  I cannot say that reading them out of order would have taken away from the story, but certainly because I had more time invested, I certainly have come to care for the characters more.  This is of course one of the reasons I really enjoy book series.  It is always like catching up with family. 

This time the series opens with Jeremiah heading off to work on his day off (never do this) when his car gets hit by another car right in front of Cindy's church.  Jeremiah, being very observant, is pretty sure that the driver of the other car was already dead before the impact.  Cindy contacts the police, and once again, Jeremiah and Cindy become involved in yet another murder mystery involving their small town.  

I liked that we got to know more about Mark (a police detective we have gotten to know throughout the series) and also focused more on Jeremiah and his abilities which shine further light into his past life before his life as a reformed rabbi.  Frankly it was nice seeing the focus go off of Cindy for a bit.  The part of the book that focused primarily on Jeremiah was very well written and interesting.  

All in all, I once again thoroughly enjoyed reading this latest book in the series.  There were really two sides of a story going on in this book, and I loved that.  I also enjoyed that this one didn't seem too focused on romance.  It really hasn't been heavy handed with romance, but of course with Cindy looking for love in another book, for me it was a concern.  This is not to say I don't like romance.  I do.  I just am fond of the way a cozy mystery can ease that in rather than make it the main focus.  I am liking that all the characters are developing friendships naturally rather than forcing thenm on us at light speed.  At least that is my take on it.  I do hope that Debbie Viguie writes more books for this series.  Free or not, I will definitely snap them up.

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