Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Plans For The Upcoming Year


Ah yesss...another person waxing poetic about their plans for the New Year.  Don't worry about reading this.  Like so many others, I need to make changes and the best thing to do is have someone hold you accountable.  The internet and anyone who may stumble upon this are part of that accountability. 

I have spent the past several weeks really trying to nail down the goals I have for the upcoming year.  I have been planning on making some fairly significant changes this year.  I don't expect to be 100 percent perfect when it comes to making these changes, but I could surprise myself.  Here is my list.

1 - I will get back up.  When I find myself missing the mark, I will get back up and continue on.  I will not fail, I will move on.  I put this first because I know how things can go for me.  I can start my race at a pure sprint of excitement and somehow get distracted and trip, stumble and fall flat on my face.  This can cause me to have a "what is the point?" attitude.  I plan to not give in to that nonsense. 

2 -  Read the Word.  Even if I just get a chapter in, I will read my Bible more and get into His word.  Some days this is very easy.  I can get into scriptures and time just flies.  Then there are those times where it is a little more difficult, but it is still important.  My goal is to get more out of my reading of the word.  So it is all good if that means that some days I am getting the most by reading one chapter.  Do I hope to read the Bible in a year?  No.  It would be nice, but I really want to study the word.  I really want to memorize and be able to hold God's word in my heart.  That will take more time.

3 -  Save money.  This is a huge need.  I have been fairly good about saving money, but not overly consistent.  There are several things that I plan to employ to do this. 

3A -  Coupon.  Couponing is a given.  I am moderately okay with that.  I will never be a stockpiling kind of gal due to the fact that I simply do not have the space to do so, and because I just do not see the need to go beyond my little pantry closet.  I do plan to take advantage of the sales that I find to the best of my ability. 

3B -  Write down what I spend.  When I keep track of what I eat, I eat less.  When I write down what I spend, I spend less. 

3C -  Make more foods from scratch and buy less convenience foods.  I can go so far with this.  I am dreaming of a  new KitchenAid stand up mixer (I am part of the way there financially), and that little item should help me on my way to making more foods from scratch.

3D -  Menu plan.  I hope to get more involved with posting and linking with Menu Plan Monday at I'm An Organizing Junkie.  I was soooooo good at that for a while.  I really need to get back to that.  Not only was this a great way to keep my budget in control, but it was also an amazing way to keep my life in control. 

4 -  Weight loss.  I was very fortunate to go on the HCG diet and lose 28 pounds.  I still have a long way to go, and I plan to continue that journey into this new year.  My husband and I will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary this year, and I would like to get back into that dress.  I had struggles with this because about six months after we got married my thyroid went kabloom.  My metabolism slowed, and my weight began to rise.  I plan to work on keeping track of what I eat and drink more water.  It isn't like drinking water is hard to do, but man if you don't think about it, it can really get away from you.  I also plan to stick with the gym at least five days a week. 

5 - Read more.  This is fairly simple.  I used to be a crazy reader.  That kind of slipped to the wayside a while back, and I am tired of not giving myself the joy that I used to get from a good book.  I would like to tackle a book a week.  Considering my other goals, this may not be possible, but I am certainly going to give it a try.  I figure I can get a lot of reading done on my Nook while I am hitting the gym anyway.  My husband and I have started reading together too.  That is pretty fun.  He reads a chapter to me and I read a chapter to him.  Right now we are working our way through "Book Of Days" by James L Rubart

6 -  Blog more.  I was once pretty awesome at blogging.  I am not saying I was an amazing blogger.  I just kept up with it.  I suppose that I am really just hoping to be more on target with everything.  I suffer from distraction at times. I would like to blog daily.  Even if I am just checking in briefly, I want to do that.  I don't plan on blogging while I am on my second honeymoon though.  My husband and I will be back in Carmel, and I have no intention on focusing on anything other than loving life with my husband during that time away.  :)

So those are my goals.  All in all, I am working and praying and focusing on getting my life in a  new order.  :)  I am really looking forward to the ride.  :)

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