Monday, December 12, 2011

What Is My Purpose?


This is quite possibly the nagging question in my mind.  What is my purpose?  Why did God create me?  i think there really is not just a God shaped hole in our lives in ourselves that needs to be filled by a relationship with him with Jesus Christ, but I also feel that, at least for myself, there is a purpose hole.  I feel that there is something missing in my life that I need to be who God made me to be, and that until I am, I will not feel complete.  

I am blessed.  Of that I am certain.  I have a wonderful child and a fabulous husband.  If I die tomorrow, I will be forever grateful for what God has given me.  But what have I given God?  What is my act of worship?  What has He created me for?  What are my talents?  Seriously, all of this hits me all the time.  Today especially.  

I feel like there is something more and I am not there yet.  It is almost maddening at times.  In fact, at times I am blue, because I there is a part of me that is lacking.  I can't quite pinpoint what it is, and I most likely am rambling right now, but truly I just need to suss out my thoughts.  One of my goals for this year is definitely going to be to nail down who I am in Christ and who God made me to be.  I think that for so long everyone else told me what I should do and should be that who I am got lost in the shuffle.

I'll have to think on this.

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