Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Day Ran Away With Me


Today was an absolute whirlwind.  I didn't think that I went to bed terribly late last night, but apparently my body believed I did.  I overslept.  I overslept big time.  I didn't get up until 11:00 am!  I felt like I was back in college on the weekend or something (note I wrote weekend as if I never overslept on a weekday when in college).  

I recall the alarm going off at least once, and I figured I really didn't want to jump up yet.  I seriously must have fallen into a black hole because I did not wake up again until my husband started moving around.  That part isn't totally rare.  He has no problem with getting up early on a  Saturday.  This is a good thing because I usually can't oversleep too much because he is so noisy.  This time, he also was off in slumber land. 

The day was spent watching football and going through magazines.  I was pretty proud of the dent I made in my magazine pile.  I am a real clutterbug with my magazines, and I know my husband appreciates when I get through some serious piles.  I must have read and clipped my way through six.  There were some great articles, and one of them was about being thankful.  It inspired me to start to focus on things I am thankful for.

Now don't let this make you think that I haven't been thankful for what I have and what I have been blessed with.  I am.  I try to make a point to thank God for the blessings he had given me and the fortunate experiences I have had, but I just verbally do this.  So I thought I would make a point of doing that every day at the end of every post.  I think it will be a great way to end a post and also a day.

I also read about weight loss.  One of the articles I read mentioned how it is good to recognize good things about yourself and your accomplishments every day.  It is so easy for us to bash ourselves.  It is so easy for us to see our imperfections and focus on them rather than realize we have good things that we should focus on.  There is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself even over the little things.  So another thing I will spend some time doing is writing two good things about myself each and every day.  This will be what I have done or just something about me.

Three things I am thankful for today.

1- I am thankful that I finally accepted a friend request from a person on Facebook who had an alias.  It turned out to be a very old friend of mine, and I am really stoked about having the opportunity to see how she is doing.

2- I am thankful that the Hawaiian pizza I made tonight turned out well in spite of the fact that the dough I made was so sticky that I had to keep adding flour to it.

3- I am thankful for my wonderful husband and family.  

 I am patting myself on the back today for:

1- Going through my coupons today and pulling out all the old ones.

2- Making pizza from scratch today and using up more leftovers as toppings.  This means that ultimately I have saved my family money!  Yay me!

You know what?  It is nice focusing on the good.  I look forward to continuing this.  :)

OOOH!!!!!  I almost forgot!  I found the verse I am going to memorize in the upcoming week.  I wanted desperately to memorize a verse each week, but I just couldn't find one.  I finally have one, soooo I will start a little late.  I'll post it tomorrow.  I'm so stoked, and pretty proud of myself for taking another step forward in my study of the Word.  :)

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