Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not A Good Day


Well it wasn't the worst day, but as far as my diet goes...not great.  I did work out at the gym and burned off 330 pounds on the elliptical trainer.  So I can be proud of that, but the eating...not great.  I learned something though. 

I cannot not eat.  When I get overly busy at work I tend to drop eating because I am just way too busy.  What happens next is I tend to pop just about anything into my mouth just to keep from feeling weak and ookie.  Today I only was able to eat about five bites of my salad.  Because it was easier, I quickly nabbed two eggrollish items (our program director's wife made them and they were amazing just not good for me) because they were easy to handle.  Because I didn't eat a decent lunch, I ate two pumpkin granola bars on the way to the gym.  Not only did I not enjoy a thing, I definitely did not eat well.  

I did hit the gym and work out, but I got there late, because we had a staff meeting that took longer than expected.  I am happy about showing up though, because I really was close to not going at all.

When I hit the house I was hungry and rather than eating something good for me, I popped a donut. 

Let's face it...this day sucked.  

Dinner was much better.  I had one fajita with black beans (I had them cooking all day).  Tomorrow...I will definitely do better.  I think I may make an extra hardboiled egg so I can have something quick.  I am not envisioning a simple day tomorrow.  I have to record our on-air calendar and do show prep for tomorrow morning.  Lessons were learned though.  

Three things I am thankful for:

1- I had fun hanging out with my son today after the gym.

2- Dinner was good and I only had to pick up some frozen peppers to make it complete.

3- It is so nice to have a car with heat!

Two things I am patting myself on the back for:

1- I went to the gym even though I was pressed for time and wouldn't get the amount of workout time I wanted.

2- I said no to an icecream sandwich.

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