Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Joy Of Watching What You Eat


I hate dieting.  I  hate dieting tips. I hate dieting books.  I hate the whole idea.  I think that most of us now really don't slap our foreheads when we hear dieting tips.  I know I have a pretty good handle on what I should be eating and what I shouldn't be eating.  The thing is...I may know it, but do I care? 

What I know:

I know that a candy bar is going to taste great and offer nothing else for me.  It smells good, tastes good, and is sticky and sweet.  When I eat a chocolate bar, I savor it, I enjoy it, and five minutes after I eat it, I will not necessarily want another one, but I will not feel satisfied.  If I am trying to lose weight I will most likely feel angry and annoyed with myself for eating what I shouldn't.  I will probably be upset with myself for not staying away from all that chocolatey goodness.  The worst thing that I could do is feel so bad that I eat more garbage.  I am soooooo good at that!  I don't know about you, but when I blow something, I really feel like blowing it all the way. 

I know that I should not drink my calories.  I hate not drinking my calories!  I love coffee!  Seriously love it.  I think coffee is the bee's stinkin' knees.  Sadly, I love coffee with cream and sugar.  Well...half & half and sugar.  Four tablespoons of half & half in my coffee adds 80 calories add two teaspoons of sugar and BOOM 32 more calories!  GRRRRRRR.  I don't care about any other high calorie drinks, but if I am going to try to lose weight, I cannot do it by enjoying coffee like I once did.  I can either learn to enjoy my coffee black (oh doesn't that sound exciting?) or give it up altogether.  The jury is still out on that.  I do enjoy Green Mountain's Wild Blueberry coffee, and I can drink it with stevia.  I may (don't bet on it yet) try to drink that and tea and see how things go. 

I know that the more colorful the foods are that I eat, the better they are for me.  Again this is one of those no brainers, but I don't really get jazzed over the color of my plate.  I don't think "Oh my goodness those red peppers sure make my salad pop.  Everything looks so bright and delicious!"  Maybe I should.  This is not to say that I don't like bright colored veggies and a pretty salad, but the fact is...I really have to make myself eat this stuff.  I loved salad, but I am not all charged over it.  I enjoy a lettuce wrap too, but that doesn't mean I will want to eat my burger wrapped in lettuce rather than a bun (I will choose do it though because that is a swap I can handle). 

I know that I need to learn to make healthy choices.  Each choice will bring me closer to my goal.  I also know that I need to have a goal.  I haven't really thought about what I want that goal to be yet.  I better hop on the scale and figure that part out.

I know that I will be tempted.  I know that even though my heart is willing, my flesh is weak.  I know that I do not have to give in to temptation.  When I give in, it is a set back.  When I give in, I get bummed out and am very likely to blow the work that I put in and blow it bad.  I just need to think and think and think before I eat. 

This week I am going to formulate a plan for when things hit.  More about that tomorrow.  :)

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