Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finding Time And My Goals Thus Far


I have come to realize that I need to find more time in my day.  There are so many things I want to do, but I never seem to have the time to get to them all.  Certainly I have the same hours in the day as everyone else, and I definitely have the same hours in the day that I have always had, but I swear I don't have the time I once had.  I don't get it.

I have a friend who is a pharmacist.  She works for various pharmacies all over Arizona.  When she isn't working she knits blankets for the local Community Pregnancy Center and is always working on refinishing something in her home.  Seriously the woman tells me what she is up to, and I instantly feel like I need a nap!

I am thinking about doing a dayrunner kind of thing.  I think if I literally plan the hours of my day, I just might get a better handle on what time I have and what is reasonable to expect myself to do.  It works for what I eat and it works for the cash I spend.  It just may be what I need for my schedule.  Here's hoping anyway.

Dieting or learning to eat right seems to be going well.  I have yet to weigh myself this month, because I am trying not to depress myself.  I know that sounds lame, because really it is a good idea to know where you start, but I haven't had the courage to step on the scale.  I have been doing well with my eating though.  I have been faithful to posting my calorie intake at My Fitness Pal AND (and I am really happy about this), I have been working out at the gym every day.  I am multitasking when I work out as well.  I bring my Nook with me and get in a good hour of reading every day thanks to it.

Finances are going well too.  I am writing down every dime I spend and keeping all the receipts so I can keep track of spending and saving.  It will be nice to see how things flow in the next few months.  I am making more things from scratch in order to save more money.  So far it has been pretty fun.  I am not savvy like many people, but so far I have been pretty proud of my efforts.  I have made my own pizza dough (a big deal for me) and I have also made granola bars!  It is all baby steps.

Not being a big snarko is going well too.  I am being more purposeful when I drive.  I have been actually praying for drivers as I drive, and that pretty much keeps me on a good even keel.  I have found myself not being so annoyed when someone drives a little nutty (and here that happens a lot!).

My Bible reading is going well.  I am able to focus some time in the word.  It isn't as much as I would like yet, which makes me realize that I will definitely have to schedule this study time into my day as well.  I definitely enjoy a devotional in the morning, but that is not the only study I want to get into.  I want to really write God's word on my heart.

All in all, I am not unhappy with the way my New Year's goals are progressing so far.  I feel good about the decisions I made and the idea of making a set of goals and not resolutions. 

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